by Phillip Wilkerson



When I first started the label, if I had made a list of the ‘dream’ artists that I’d want to release on Free Floating, Phillip Wilkerson would probably have been at the top of the list.

I think Phil was probably one of the first artists that I discovered when I began to seriously pursue and document free ambient music on the internet. I found most of his free music via Last.fm and downloaded as much as I could. I very quickly fell in love with the subtle artistry of his sonic worlds. I was pretty instantly hooked.

Luckily for me (and ambient fans around the world), Phil has continued his prolific musical journey and his creative output over the past several years is a staggering catalogue of inspired and sublime sonic beauty. He has explored many aural landscapes on his artistic journey, but he almost always seems to return to his spiritual base camp — intense abstract pieces of complex harmonic and melodic brilliance.
As I embedded myself more deeply in the ambient music culture of the web, Phil and I would often cross paths and we built up a friendship based on mutual admiration and dedicated cheerleading of each other’s work. At this point, he is the only musician I’ve released whom I’ve actually spoken to directly (over the phone). I feel a strong connection to Phil through his music and his humble, compassionate personality.
So this release of Phil’s music on Free Floating was somewhat inevitable, given the paths we have both followed up to this point.

I am, of course, deeply humbled that Phil has decided to share this work via Free Floating. It shows how well he understands my aesthetic and ‘gets’ what I want Free Floating music to be. These four pieces create a space of subtle yet immense stillness, a place to find repose or to explore the depths of our truest selves. No matter how much of Phil’s music I hear, I am ever amazed at the ease with which he conjures these spaces. It is a testament to the truth at the heart of himself that cannot help but be reflected in his art.

I hope that this music enables you to find that truth in yourself and those around you.

Brad Ross-MacLeod
Vancouver, BC
May 2012


released May 17, 2012

All music by Phillip Wilkerson
Mastering by Ben Cox
Cover art by Brad Ross-MacLeod
Cover photo by Mauro Bertolini




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