A Place of Peace and Beauty

by Ethereal Ephemera

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Berkdrums I so much enjoy Brad’s words here... and he’s spot on.. I’m a huge fan of almost èverything Brin releases (still have to dive into Ghost Harmonics to see if it’s also to my liking), and I’m a proud owner of almost his entire physical discography (I need a bigger house!). But what amazes me, just like Brad here, is that the albums are all so consistent in quality... To me that tells me everything about Brin as a musician... with musician’s ears, feel, passion and empathy while creating these improvised melodies from the unknown... Ethereal Ephemera I just discovered by accident while Brin still had this project sort of ‘secretly’ here on BC, without his name attached to it.. I just immediately felt ‘this is Brin’.. and sure enough, after an email I got the reply I was waiting for.. And just like that another masterpiece here on Free Floating Music... I know I’m repeating myself constantly but I just want to promote all these stunning albums so hopefully they will end up in the ears of new listeners... Another must-have and I can only hope this one will see the light of day as a physical release as well at some point...


It is fitting that the first new music in years to be released under the Free Floating banner should come from Brin Coleman. After all, it was his release (under one of his many other performing monikers, Bing Satellites) which was the first non-compilation release from the label.
My admiration for Brin’s music goes back a long way, back to before Free Floating was a radio show or a record label. Early on it was just a blog of mine that featured ambient music that was available for free (legally!) on the internet. Bing Satellites was some of the first such music I discovered, and I have been a fan ever since.

As Brin branched out into other projects with other names (The Ambient Visitor, Blocker, Theta Wave Orchestra, The Lovely Moon, etc.), I continued to be impressed by the depth and beauty of his work. I still marvel at how he manages to continually present music of such quality given how much he records (the releases page of his website has over 200 solo albums!).

Then, a few months ago, he released several albums under a new name, Ethereal Ephemera. This music instantly grabbed me. It displayed the perfect sense of abstract, drifting reverie that to me is at the heart of Free Floating. I had been considering jumping back into the netlabel waters and I approached Brin to see if he was interested. The answer is obvious…

These two extended tracks shimmer with simple chords and ringing drones. The movement is slow, just the way I like it. There’s a glacial grace here as the tones progress and shift through the aural landscape, carving their way slowly to nowhere in particular. This is music to be with. Sit still. Let your mind wander. Or focus on the subtle movement. Drift to sleep.

Just enjoy.

Brad Ross-MacLeod
May 2019

From Brin (Ethereal Ephemera):
This project came out of experimenting with new systems to create live, improvised ambient music.

The idea was to create spacious and emotive ambient music using a system that, once set in motion, would keep going while never quite repeating itself. The pieces of music on this album use three long loops of different lengths all set in motion at the start of each performance. Once these loops start to repeat I can start to add more sounds as I see fit on a fourth virtual tape loop. I play every note but the music takes on a life of its own.

I've really enjoyed creating this music. It has been just what I needed to create over the past few months. I am very happy and somewhat surprised that it has resonated with other people.


released May 24, 2019

All music written, performed and produced by Brin Coleman
at MCos, Manchester in May 2019.

All music improvised and recorded live using a series of virtual tape loops and a variety of sound sources.

The cover features a section of a photo by Alex Brinkley Coleman, taken near Santa Cruz, California, April 2017.
Cover design by Brin Coleman.

The title is a reference to Antony Gormley's Another Place, located at Crosby Beach in Merseyside, England.





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